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Project // Onward Brand Development

Mark reached out to me to help him develop his personal coaching brand, Onward. He wanted an approachable design that inspired action and forward momentum that comes from re-engaging with your dreams. He wanted to target individuals looking for ‘more’ out of life and organizations who wanted to dream bigger and support their employees on their journey to living more fully alive.

my role & responsibilities:

  • Conducted Market Research

  • Developed brand identity & tone

  • Designed logo, select color scheme & font

  • Created website design & content 

  • Continue to support new marketing & product initiatives with print, web & presentation materials

  • Creative ideation

  • Copywriting 

  • Graphic design 

  • Web development 


Tools used:

  • Ipad Illustrator

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Wix

  • PowerPoint


Brand Guidelines

The casual, hand drawn, purposefully imperfect logo creates a sense of authenticity and approachability that is the Onward brand. It allows the interaction to be easy, and the dreams to flow forward in the comfortable space created. It’s casual nature, and positive vibe reflect not building a perfect life, but rather building a life that’s uniquely, imperfectly YOU.

Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 9.00.54 PM.png

New Product Landing Page


New Product Flyer


B2B PowerPoint Pitch Deck

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